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We offer a wide range of domain TLDs.

.com1 Year₦22500.00₦22500.00₦23000.00
.com.ng1 Year₦3500.00₦3500.00₦4000.00
.ng1 Year₦7500.00₦7800.00₦8000.00
.store1 Year₦7500.00₦7500.00₦7500.00
.website1 Year₦7500.00₦7500.00₦7500.00
.us1 Year₦17500.00₦17500.00₦17500.00
.net1 Year₦22000.00₦22000.00₦22500.00
.org1 Year₦21500.00₦21500.00₦21500.00
.ca1 Year₦5000.00₦5000.00₦5000.00
.co.uk1 Year₦16000.00₦16000.00₦16000.00
.uk1 Year₦17500.00₦17500.00₦17500.00
.sch.ng1 Year₦5500.00₦5500.00₦5500.00
.mobi.ng1 Year₦3000.00₦3000.00₦3500.00
.net.ng1 Year₦3000.00₦3000.00₦3500.00
.info1 Year₦3000.00₦4500.00₦4500.00
.gov.ng1 Year₦7500.00₦7500.00₦8000.00
.edu.ng1 Year₦8000.00₦8000.00₦8500.00
.me1 Year₦62000.00₦62000.00₦62000.00
.biz1 Year₦14500.00₦25500.00₦25500.00
.tv1 Year₦45000.00₦55500.00₦56000.00
.org.ng1 Year₦3500.00₦3500.00₦3500.00
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Elexdon Host has been around for a while, and after using it for a while you'll see why: it's easy to use, fast and very affordable. With a variety of plans to choose from, Elexdon Host may just be the right fit for you.

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Elexdon Hosting and web services is tested and trusted by thousands of our clients around the world.

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right fit for youElexdon hosting is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable website hosting company. They offer 24/7 customer support and also have phone support and fast..

I having been partnering with elexdon digital technlogies limited for over five years now so i can confidently say that their services is awesome and a great platform for developers to host their projects.

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David O Founder Decafe Ventures Services

Elexdon Hosting services is Amazing! And “Great uptime ! Outstanding technical support and prompt response. Am so enjoying their services”

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Akpore Edafe Manager,Raelot IT Solutions

“A lovely company with excellent tech and customer support 24/7.I love Elexdon Digital Technologies Limited.

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Mrs Esther Kennedy Legacy Media Solutions